The links below represent the leading (leftmost) words & phrases that have associated abbreviations for use in JAKE Junior. To find the abbreviation for a particular word or phrase take the first (3) letters of the first word in the text that you are interested in abbreviating.

Example: The word "make" is abbreviated "mk". To look up the abbreviation for "make" we need to click on the link that corresponds to the first three letters of the text in question (in this case 'mak'). Alphabetically, those three letters fall in between the letters "LOC - NAT". There is a link for "LOC - NAT". If you click on that link you will be taken to a page that lists all of the words/phrases that begin with letters that alphabetically fall in between 'loc' and 'nat'. Reviewing the page at that link reveals that the abbreviation for "make" is "mk".

Multiple word phrases: Let's say we want to find an abbreviation for the phrase "if any". We take the first three non-blank characters (ifa) and follow the appropriate link. In this case that link is "HIG - ITS". When you click on that link you will find the entry for "if any" and see that the abbreviation is 'fay' a 50% savings.

We apologize for not having a better search capability at the moment but these links will do the trick for now. We're confident however that the more you use JAKE you'll come to 'intuit' what the abbreviations are for many words & phrases.

We believe you will find JAKE Jr. a very useful tool. Please check back, as we are sure you will be interested in JAKE (Full version) and many MORE!

Enjoy your newfound freedom!   

A-ACH               ACH-ADV         ADV-ALL            ALL-ANT         ANT-ARC          ARC-AS            AS-ATT              

ATT-BAR          BAR-BIL            BIL-BUD           BUD-CAN         CAN-COU        COU-DUM        DUP-EXT          

EXT-FRO           FRO-HIG         HIG-ITS             ITS-LOC          LOC-NAT            NAT-NOT        NOT-PEO         

PEO-PRO         PRO-SAT         SAT-TAP           TAP-UNI           UNI-ZON




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