The following FAQs pertain to the JAKE (Full) version only.  Please reference the "What is JAKE?" tab for additional information.

    • Q:   What Is JAKE?
    • A:    A case-based text expander. Libraries (collections) of abbreviations and corresponding replacement values (words and phrases). Type an abbreviation (‘oz’ for example).  Hit the space bar and ‘organize’ will appear automatically.

    • Q:   What are the system requirements?
    • A:    Works with Microsoft Windows XP or above.  Requires 4GB of Memory and .NET 4.0.

    • Q:   Will JAKE run on mobile platforms?
    • A:    No.  Not in this version.  The upcoming version will be ported to the iOS and Android operating systems.
    • Q:   Does JAKE only work with Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word, etc.?
    • A:    No!  JAKE works wherever data can be typed.  This includes browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) and applications running on MS Windows.
    • Q:   Can JAKE be installed on a network for shared use? 
    • A:    No.  If you would like to purchase several user licenses, please contact custsvc.jake@gmail.com for a business license quote.


    • Q:   Can the software be installed on multiple devices?
    • A:    Currently only one device (laptop, desktop, windows tablet) is permitted under the terms of the license agreement. 
    • Q:   How is JAKE licensed? 
    • A:    Per seat.  Each person running the software requires an individual license for legal use.
    • Q:   How difficult is it to learn the abbreviations?
    • A:    In most cases, there is nothing to learn.  What you really need to do is forget to type many of the letters that you normally would. JAKE was designed to be intuitive.  The abbreviations are based on letters in the words/phrases themselves, phonetics, and commonly accepted abbreviations such as ‘tv’ for ‘television’. 
    • Q:   Do I have to memorize all of the abbreviations?
    • A:    No. You can use as few (or as many) abbreviations as you are comfortable.  You can always just type words and phrases as you normally would. 
    • Q:   What if I want to have a JAKE abbreviation output as-is (example 'oz' for 'ounce')?   
    • A:    You can turn JAKE on or off at your convenience.


    • Q:   Can I edit (add/change/delete) the abbreviations?
    • A:    You cannot change or add your own abbreviations. Upcoming versions will enable modifications to the abbreviations. 
    • Q:   What is case differentiation?
    • A:    JAKE makes use of case-based search technology to differentiate between similarly abbreviated constructs.  Let’s look at ‘oz’ for example.  Normally, ‘oz’ would be an abbreviation for ‘ounce’. In JAKE however, we can abbreviate both ‘organize’ and ‘ounce’ with just 2 letters.  Lowercase ‘oz’ corresponds to ‘organize’ and ‘Oz’ (Mixed case) corresponds to ‘ounce’.
    • Q:   What is a 'root' word?
    • A:    A word from which other words are derived.  To create derived abbreviations just add characters to the root. Take ‘oz’. This abbreviation corresponds to the root word ‘organize’.
      • ‘ozs’ corresponds to                 organizes                       (67% savings)
      • ‘ozd’ corresponds to                 organized                       (67% savings)
      • ‘ozg’ corresponds to                 organizing                      (70% savings)
      • ‘ozn’ corresponds to                 organization                   (75% savings)
      • ‘ozns’ corresponds to               organizations                 (67% savings)
      • ‘ozl’ corresponds to                  organizational                (79% savings)
      • ‘ozy’ corresponds to                 organizationally             (81% savings)                    

    A more detailed explanation is available by viewing the PowerPoint presentation at the following link: