About Us

JK Reed (an Honorably Discharged US Marine) is an IT Professional with over 30 years experience. His background includes engagements as an application developer, network engineer (Novell CNE), database administrator (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.), ETL developer, data architect (OLTP & OLAP), as well as a business intelligence analyst.

Where did the concept come from?

Tired of typing, he thought that by adding an entry to the Microsoft Word auto correct (c) file that he could lessen the cost and frequency of typing the word 'database' as often required.  In doing so, he was forever forward able to save 75% of his time and effort where the word 'database' was concerned. He smiled.. for it was good.

And thus.. JAKE was born.

Contact info:  

Please send any questions, comments, or inquiries to custsvc.jake@gmail.com